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Why do I recommend WIX to my clients?

I'm a business owner, like most of my clients. I love learning and putting my hands on doing things, like most of my clients. I value freedom and love when things are intelligently designed to facilitate my workday, like most of my clients.

As a graphic designer, specializing in branding and packaging, web design was not my stuff. When I had to start designing my own websites a few years ago, web design had to become one more of "my stuff." After trying Wordpress, Weebly, Webydo, Shopify, and WIX, I found that each of these tools have some pros and cons, and learning how to use them all is just overwhelming.

Out of these options, WIX fitted my needs. WIX specially fulfills my desire to work in close collaboration with my clients and became my go-to website builder. Why?

  • I can just design! Straight in the browser (and my clients too!);

  • Friendly, intuitive interface;

  • All about design and generating content, no coding, programming, etc.;

  • My clients quickly learn to update their website with short training;

  • Intelligent and easy SEO

I find WIX to offer the best balance between creative design freedom for me and easy updates for my clients, most of them dreaming of having the freedom to work in their websites content while still valuing great design and the guidance and coaching that I can provide them.

Some more in depth information can be seen here if you are not sure about the differences between Wordpress and WIX and would like to compare:

For more information, check out this review.

Ready to create your website with the guidance of an experienced designer? Check out my services and schedule a complimentary 30 min online call.

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