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Village Montessori branding, webdesign and design coaching

I've been working closely with Village Montessori Schools' Director, Joan Rodriguez, to redesign the school branding to improve their communication tools better serving their community of parents as well as to bring more visibility to their presence and beautiful educational work to potential new clients.

Recently redesigned website for friendly interaction and clear information for Village Montessori Schools.

From improving and giving the school logo a more contemporary look with implemented impact without losing the connection with the original image, to an entirely redesigned website we can now have a consistent feeling through all marketing and social media tools. My work consisted in designing the refreshed logo as well as banners, postcards, stationery and more. I also have been coaching the school staff on the use of tools like Canva and Wix! so they can prepare most of the social media materials, update some content on their website get better outcomes from their communication efforts. Now, while they can do part of the work on their own, I can guide them on further marketing strategies, focus on SEO implementation, generate meaningful content and support the school to achieve the goal of becoming an online reference when it comes to Montessori education.

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