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© 2017 Hridayam Consulting by Carol Jamault.

Design and Marketing Consultant

Welcome! Since 1995 I provide high quality design and consulting services for individuals, small businesses and corporations. I have helped my clients in Brazil, France and United States to define and achieve their business marketing goals through consulting, branding and marketing strategies.

I’ll put to your service all my knowledge in order to achieve your design and social media goals while working together. Be ensured that my high standards of quality and my love of learning will be keeping me up to date with the rapid evolution of today’s communication requirements and design tendencies.


I'm a curious, a compulsive learner. Always on top of the most recent Design and Marketing tendencies as well as the newest available design automation and digital marketing tools. I work with most Adobe design softwares, Canva, Wix, Shopify, Thinkific and more. If I don't know something, I'll learn it!


I have spent the over last ten years learning Ayurveda. First as a hobby and a self-healing tool to overcome a burn-out, than deepening my path making Ayurveda, Yoga and Bodywork a second career. Now, when I'm not designing, I'm supporting people through Ayurvedic bodywork and mindful living techniques.


I have a cross-cultural experience and fluently speak four languages. We can work together either in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish.

I am a mindful business owner too, so I really know what your communication needs and challenges are.

"It was such a great experience working with Carol. I have worked with many web designers and built my own website before, however, making the investment to have a professional, knowledgeable in Ayurveda to build my new site was well worth it. Carol required very little direction, worked efficiently, communicated very well and the result was a beautiful site that I had to make very little edits to. To work with a designer who understands your industry is key to make life easier!"