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for mindful entrepreneurs

Hi! I'm Carol Jamault. I provide marketing strategies and design tools to make your website and social media channels stand out from the crowd, engage and convert.

Here is how I can help you:

I will improve your branding consistency so your business can stand out with a professional image that truly translate your values.


I provide the 1-on-1 attention and collaboration you need by taking the time to understand your vision, your market and your communication needs.

You may rather not deal with all of the nitty-gritty tech details, but you might be also surprised with how much you can do on your own when you have a well designed strategy, the right technology and just a few hours of training with me.


I offer on-line or in-person marketing and design counseling/coaching empowering my clients to work with autonomy on website content updates, landing pages creation, shopping cart updates, social media channels and much more.

I'm just a few clicks away to answer your questions and you can contact me in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish. Small world!

I would absolutely love to help you go from where you are now, to where you want to be.


I am an expert at the following areas

Webdesign & Branding

Over 25 years of a cross-cultural experience helping individuals and businesses of all sizes to succeed by creating memorable brands and functional graphic designs and websites in three different countries.

Marketing Strategies

I love to see well done marketing at service of great value brands. You are a mindful entrepreneur and I am a soulful marketer ready to make the depth of your service surface. It's all about great values and quality content!


You know your services better than anybody and as a business owner you love your autonomy. The set of tools I use in my work were carefully thought to empower your communication with your audience. I'll coach you!



phone: +1 (786) 473-4175

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